Finger pockets climbing techniques

Tom Bolger & Ana Belén Argudo

Climbing tactics for advanced-level climbers. A masterclass led by
Tenaya athletes Tom Bolger & Ana Belén Argudo with the objective of acquiring knowledge about finger strength
and technical skills in both hands and foot to improve onsight and ‘RotPunkt’ in
finger pockets climbing.

The clinic will be held in English.
Level: Advanced (7a and up)
Ratio: 10 participants
Gear to bring: Climbing shoes, harness, quickdraws, helmet, rope, chalk,
food and water

Protection fee: 20€

Please note that within the four days of the festival, each person can only book one workshop with a fee and one free workshop.

Sponsored by Tenaya

About Tom Bolger
United Kingdom

Tom was raised in the north of England, where with his dad Justin and at the young age of 8 started climbing. His first few years climbing were spent in climbing walls and on the grit stone crags close to his home in Yorkshire and in the hills of the lake district, him and his dad learning along the way together.

He then began competing, in which he managed to become national champion in lead and bouldering numerous times, he then moved onto the European circuit and was successful in winning in Bern, Switzerland at the European youth cup and placing 2nd overall that year.

A couple of years later after competing in Germany he made his way by train to Ceüse, France. This was the major turning point in a love and passion for sport climbing on rock.

The newfound mecca for sport climbing of Catalunya was now Tom’s main point of interest in where he found the most amazing climbing and a new paradise to call home. He currently resides in Margalef and is still as motivated and passionate as the day he moved to Catalunya. Whilst living here he has managed to full fill his childhood dream of climbing the mythical grade of 9a 10 times and climbed famous routes such as Ciudad de Dios 9a/+, Victimas Pérez 9a and Era vella 9a.

About Ana Belén Argudo
Year of birth: 2002, Madrid, Spain

Born in Madrid in 2002, Ana Belén started climbing at the early age of five, even though her parents were not climbers themselves. She began competing at the national level when she was 12 years old. That same year she won her first Spanish cup and sent her first 8a on the rocks. Until the age of 19 she combined comps with outdoor rock climbing, and also participated in international competitions with the Spanish national team.

Though she spent much of her youth competing, Ana Belén has always been passionate about real rock. The local crag of Cuenca in Spain is where she has spent most of her time and the area has played a pivotal role in her growth as a climber. There, Ana has redpointed everything from her first 8b to her first 9a, Cordia Maleficarum (FFA) in 2022, and already has in her repertoire more than twenty routes between 8c to 9a.

Ana is constantly looking for new projects that push the limits of climbing.

Finger pockets climbing techniques

Tom Bolger & Ana Belén Argudo
01.06., 10:00-15:00 Uhr
Tenaya Booth
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1. Juni 2024


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