Overcome your fear

Nasim Eshqi

“Overcome your fear – Dance on the rock while your fear is watrching” – in this clinic Nasim will work with you on mental training techniques in climbing, which will help you to overcome the fears of falling and fear of failing. Nasim will help you to build resilience, boost your confidence, and achieve success without letting fear holding you back in climbing as well as in your life.

Maximum of 8 participants

The clinic will be held in English

Please note that within the four days of the festival, each person can only book one workshop with a fee and one free workshop.

Protection fee: 20€

Sponsored by Petzl

About Nasim Eshqi
Nasim is the only female professional rock climber from Iran. Since her childhood sport was an opportunity for her to feel free and to escape in a different world. Because of the political situation she decided to leave the country and lives now in Italy.

Overcome your fear

Nasim Eshqi
02.06., 11:00-16:00 Uhr
Der Workshop ist bereits ausgebucht!

2. Juni 2024


Der Workshop ist ausgebucht